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Amplifying the 3rd Voice: Mobilizing the community social services sector to effect change

  • Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa 100 Harbour Road Victoria, BC, V9A 0G1 Canada (map)

Join the inaugural 3rd Voice Conference and Annual General Meeting on November 2, 2016.

Speakers will include Dr. Michael Prince who will focus on an analysis of the Provincial Government's budget and policies with an eye towards their vulnerabilities in the year before the election, and Al Etmanski and Delyse Sylvester who will give the keynote address that will discuss the opportunity for a movement that taps into emerging trends.

Register today. (Registration starts at 9:00am; Conference at 10:00am)

Mini-Election Strategy Workshops

A series of short 30-minute workshops by subject area experts to ignite your election planning.

Innovation in Advocacy Campaigns
- Jason Mogus, NetChange

NetChange Consulting (formerly Communicopia) recently released a report that maps the strategies and practices that made today's most successful advocacy campaigns work while so many others fail to create lasting change on the issues they address. The result of a deep dive into nearly 50 case studies from the US, Canada and Europe, the Networked Change Report puts special focus on a model for building people-powered movements that are centrally framed and managed in a way that leads to staying power and concrete wins. This workshop shares the three models of NGO power, and unpacks the strategic and operational elements common to today's most successful advocacy campaigns.

Mobilizing Volunteers & Activists
The Art of Advocacy - Increasing Our Impact and Building Strong Communities

- Faith Bodnar, Inclusion BC and Andrea Duncan, BCGEU

Andrea and Faith will talk about how strategic advocacy can enhance the impact of the work we do as community agencies and provincial organizations. This session will explore the nature of systems advocacy, the range of roles that advocates play, how to advance and align core messages that engage broader publics, shaping successful campaigns that create momentum, and building strong alliances for the future.

The How To's of Effective and Impactful Strategy
- Mike Cunningham, Graphite Public Affairs

Mike will provide insights into how to work strategically with multiple stakeholders to effect change in the areas of government relations, advocacy campaigns, stakeholder engagement and issues management. Building strong connections and capacity, community organizations are the backbone of our province. For decades we have built stronger, vibrant and responsive communities for everyone. Mike will share his knowledge and experiences in a way that will support us to take the passion and commitment we have for the people we support to new audiences and stakeholders.

This year's conference will be held at the:

Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa
100 Harbour Road Victoria BC V9A 0G1
Tel: 250.360.2999
Toll free: 1.888.236.2427
Website: Click here

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3rd Voice Annual General Meeting - November 2, 2016


1. An Executive Director/CEO of a full member in good standing may be nominated as a Director for a one year term.

2. 3rd Voice must have at least five Directors and a maximum of 12 Directors on the Board.

3. A person may be nominated by a full member of 3rd Voice or a person may volunteer to stand for the Board.

4. Nominations may be received in advance of the AGM or can be made at the AGM.

5. In the event that there are more than 12 nominees for Director, there will be an election at the AGM. The 12 candidates with the highest number of votes will form the Board of 3rd voice.

6. All Board Members will sign an oath of conduct.

For more information, contact a 3rd Voice Board Member.

Lesley Patten